Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

Although typical Czech cuisine consists primarily of hearty meat dishes, you can also find some great vegetarian restaurants in Prague.

When I first arrived to Prague, I wondered what in the world I was going to eat when going out since other than fried cheese, my options were sausages, beef, sausages, duck, and more sausages.  Although Prague doesn’t stand out as a vegetarian friendly city, there are a few gems that won’t disappoint when you visit the City of Spires.


Estrella in Prague - Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

My lunch at Estrella was one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time.  During the weekday, they have a set lunch special.  At dinner you can order from their menu.  But when it comes to lunch, it’s pretty much a take it or leave it concept.  For 125 CZK (around $5.50 USD), the daily special comes with a starter and a main dish.

On the day I went, the special of the day was vegetable soup followed by pan fried tofu, potato salad and coleslaw. Honestly, that sounded anything but appetizing to me, but that was the day’s option – take it or leave it – and I decided to give it a try.  And I’m very glad I did!

I enjoyed the meal so much I opted for dessert.  The carrot cake tasted as if it had been baked homemade in a Grandmother’s kitchen.

The only thing I regret?  Not finding this gem sooner.

So, skip the fast food and head to Estrella for a fabulous meal full of flavor, all at an astronomically great price.

You can find Estrella in the area of Nadroni Trida.  Reservations recommended (especially for dinner).


Lo Veg

Lo Veg in Prague - Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

You can find Lo Veg on a charming street, just down from the main castle entrance.  The restaurant itself is a bit hidden, so when you enter, be prepared to make a few turns while going upstairs.  There are plenty of signs though, so just follow the signs.

Although I had quite a hard time choosing from the menu because everything sounded so good, I opted for the LoVegburger, which is made of beets and chickpeas.

Baked potato wedges came as a side dish.  I also had one of their homemade lemonades.  The lemonade wasn’t the typical fare of tart sugar water, but more like a seltzer water with fresh squeezed citrus mixed in.


Clear Head / Lehka Hlava

Clear Head in Prague - Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

Located in Prague 1, Clear Head is a good lunch option.  For 115 CZK (around $5.00 USD), the daily lunch special offers a starter and main dish.  On the day I went, I had carrot cream with coconut milk and basil soup.  Followed by tofu in tomato sauce with ginger, zucchini, mushrooms and broccoli, polenta squares, rice and a side salad.

It was nothing over the top, but it was a good, healthy lunch, perfect for a cold day.  And again, the price can’t be beat.

Clear Head is not very large, and reservations are recommended.


Country Life

Country Life in Prague - Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

Country Life is not far from Prague’s Old Town Square.  They also have another location further out from the city center.  This is a cafeteria style restaurant.  You walk in, pick up a tray and plates, then go down the food line and help yourself.  You can eat as much or as little as you like, as you pay by the weight of your plate.  At the end of the line, you’ll need to pay at the register before sitting down at one of the tables inside.

This gives you an option of sampling multiple dishes.  Although I wasn’t “wowed” by any of the dishes in particular, it was a healthy, hearty, affordable lunch option right in the city centre.

Options for Non-Vegetarians

With someone who is not a vegetarian and prefers more meat in their diet?  Here are a few options that will leave both meat eaters and non-meat eaters feeling satisfied.


Dish in Prague - Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

Dish is a burger bistro in Prague 2 that makes exceptional burgers.  There are plenty of beef and lamb burger options for those who prefer meat.  For vegetarians, they have an excellent grilled portobello mushroom burger that comes with smoked mozzarella cheese, herb pesto, baby spinach and pickled red onion.

The Tavern

The Tavern in Prague - Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

This joint is co-owned by an American, and features American-style BBQ, great burgers, a variety of French fries and a lengthy cocktail menu.  For vegetarians, there are two burger options to choose from.  I prefer the Spinach Bean Bomb, made with spinach, white beans and walnuts, and topped with melted Gouda.

U Labuti

U Labuti in Prague - Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague |

If you’re looking for more traditional Czech cuisine, U Labuti, located right outside the main castle entrance, is a good place to try.  As I only visited a few restaurants specializing in Czech cuisine (because there is only so much fried cheese one person can eat), I can’t say if this is the best Czech restaurant in Prague, but I can say it is the best one I tried.

If you’re near the castle and would like to try a few Czech specialties, this is a good option.  Fried cheese is about the only traditional Czech dish for vegetarians.  When I ordered fried cheese, I had no idea of the amount of cheese that was going to arrive, so I also ordered an appetizer.  I opted for Brussels sprouts sauteed with red onions and sun dried tomatoes in an orange sauce.  The flavor combination was great, and the dish was a lighter choice with so much cheese to follow.  For meat lovers, there is a variety of pork, duck and beef options to choose from.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite vegetarian friendly restaurant in Prague?