Shiatsu Massage in Rome

I love Groupon!  For those of you not familiar, Groupon is a website where you can purchase deals and discounts for various businesses.  It’s a great way to try a new place at a discounted rate.  I receive their daily deal emails, and always quickly scan through to see if anything jumps out at me.  A few weeks ago I came across a special for Shiatsu massage.  I’ve had plenty of massages, but never tried Shiatsu.  It was a great offer to try something new, and I am very glad that I did!  
Shiatsu means finger pressure in Japanese.  It is known as a type of alternative medicine, and uses more of a finger and palm pressure technique, as compared to traditional massage.  It is used to help with relaxation, stress release, muscle pain, anxiety and depression.  Another way Shiatsu differs from traditional massage is that it is performed while you are fully clothed.  This is great if you’re not super comfortable with dressing down to only your undies (or less) in front of a stranger.  
My first Shiatsu experience (and hopefully not my last) was at Shiatsu Life.  It is owned by Valter Vaccaro, and is located in the hip Testaccio neighborhood.  The deal I purchased was for three massage sessions, so I was able to go once a week for three weeks.  And let me just tell you, having a standing massage appointment sure does help you get through the week. 🙂From the first session, Valter was extremely kind and very much a gentleman.  He made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Shiatsu is usually performed on a large futon mat, so no awkward massage table to climb up on.  During a session, Valter has lit candles around the room, and incense to help you relax.  Depending on your position (whether face down or on your side), he strategically places pillows to help support your body.  Also, as with typical Shiatsu, you are fully clothed the entire time.  Each time I went, I wore a sports bra, t-shirt and leggings.  Oils are also not used since the massage is done over your clothes, and since Shiatsu uses finger pressure as opposed to hand rubbing.
If you would like to try Shiatsu, or are looking for a way to relax while you’re in Rome, I definitely recommend Valter with Shiatsu Life.  
Shiatsu Life
Via Florio, 6

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