Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Prague

Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Prague | whyroamtravel.com

I don’t know about you, but I love a good breakfast.

On the weekends, a cup of coffee and a quick pastry just doesn’t cut it.  I like to take my time, relax and linger over breakfast.  Oh, and completely fill my tummy too.

Prague has quite a few places that do a great job with breakfast.  The dilemma is not just what to order, but which breakfast joint to visit on any given weekend.

Below are a few of my favorite places to go for breakfast in Prague.


Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Prague | whyroamtravel.com

Café Savoy is my favorite place to go for weekend brunch. I ended up going here several times during the few months I spent in Prague, and it even made my list of the 5 Best Things I Ate in Prague.

Café Savoy has been around since 1893.  Stop in for a bite, and you’ll see why this place has withstood the test of time. The interior is impressive, the servers are smartly dressed, and the food is delicious.

Although there are plenty of options to choose from, I couldn’t keep myself from ordering the French toast with fresh fruit each time I went for breakfast. And although the French toast was delicious and completely cured my “American breakfast” cravings, the star of the breakfast for me was the café au lait. Coffee, warm milk, a dusting of cinnamon, all served in a bowl-sized cup.  It tasted just like the holidays, and I loved being able to sip on it while lingering over breakfast.

Reservations recommended, especially on the weekends.



Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Prague | whyroamtravel.com

Café Louvre is another Prague classic, and has been around since 1902. It was frequented by quite a few historical greats, including Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein. Go here to get a taste of history in a lively atmosphere, a good breakfast and a great view of Narodni Avenue below.

Breakfast comes with coffee, juice, your choice of omelette, basket of breads and a plate of mixed cheeses and/or meats. It’s a fun place to linger over brunch.

Since Café Louvre is right down from the National Theatre, it’s also a great place to stop in after a performance for dessert and hot chocolate.

They don’t take reservations and you seat yourself, which can get a little interesting. You might have to work a bit before you can earn a place to sit down and enjoy your breakfast.



Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Prague | whyroamtravel.com

Café Jen, located in the Vrsovice district, is off the beaten tourist path.  You’ll find mostly locals at this little gem.

Head here if you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, good coffee, great breakfast (that’s served all day) and home-made cakes.

They have rotating breakfast specials on the weekends, that can’t be beat when it comes to price, service or variety.

Their homemade carrot cake is great with a cup of coffee if you’re looking for a sweet treat in the afternoon.



Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Prague | whyroamtravel.com

La Gastronomica is located next to the TV Tower in Prague 2.  This fairly new, Italian venue boasts a modern design and allows you to sit down to order and enjoy your breakfast, or choose something to-go from their mouth watering display cases.

I found their coffee to be okay, but their croissants were excellent.  I also tried the homemade granola with fruit and whipped mascarpone.  It was good, though not as healthy as it sounds.



Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Prague | whyroamtravel.com

Radfost FX is a vegetarian restaurant that serves up a variey of international dishes. You can find American, Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern style dishes on the menu, along with others.

At lunch, they offer a great price fixed menu with multiple options to choose from. When I stopped in for lunch, I had a spinach burger with a side salad for only 150 Kc (around $5 USD).

The affordable lunch options are great, but the real treat for me was the extensive breakfast menu that featured many American-style dishes.

After much debate, I opted for an omelette with a side of potatoes. The omelette was filled with spinach, mushrooms and a cream sauce, and the skillet potatoes were a perfect accompaniment. Breakfast also came with a side of toast. The only thing missing was jam to spread on the toast.

Side note:  Můjšálekkávy seems to be the talk of the town, but when I visited I had the worst service.  Ever.  They may have good breakfast options in a trendy coffee shop setting, but the only recommendation I can give is to not waste your time going there.

Question:  What about you?  Do you have a favorite breakfast place in Prague?



  • All of these look SO amazing. I need some whipped mascarpone in my life immediately!