It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague |

The city of Prague is fully in the holiday spirit.  Many of the shops and cafes are decorated for the holidays, and there seems to be a Christmas market around every corner.  I think I’ve visited five Christmas markets so far (all in the city center), and there are still a few I haven’t made it to yet.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it’s been a nice surprise for me to see how much the locals get into the holiday spirit.

Although many of the squares around the city host markets, the main Christmas market can be found in the Old Town Square.  This is where you’ll find the city’s main Christmas tree decorated and twinkling with lights.

Christmas in Prague |

All the markets are bustling with visitors and locals alike.  Although each market is slightly unique, you’ll usually find a few of the traditional Czech items at each – sausages and grilled meat, beer, mulled wine and Trdelník, a sweet bread grilled over an open fire and topped with sugar.

Among the market stalls, you’ll also find a variety of items to shop for Christmas gifts, other sweets and food items, different musical acts, and you can even stop to pet and feed miniature horses, sheep and goats.

The markets really draw the crowds, and they bring such a festive atmosphere to the city. Christmas in Prague is such a fun time of year!

I’ve compiled photos I’ve taken at the Christmas markets around the city so far and added them to an album on Why Roam’s Facebook page for easier viewing. Just click below to be taken to the full photo album.

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