My 3 Favorite Creperies in Paris

Favorite Creperies in Paris |

Crepes.  Oh, wonderful crepes.  No visit to France is complete without indulging in a crepe (or several).

Crepes are a very thin type of pancake, usually made from wheat flour.  Savory crepes, known as galettes, are usually made from buckwheat flour.  And when it comes to fillings and toppings, the sky is the limit.

While in Paris, I probably ate more than my share of crepes.  I regret nothing.  What can I say, all the city bike riding made me hungry.  At least that’s the excuse I’m sticking to.

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5 Ghent Specialties You Must Try in Ghent, Belgium

5 Ghent Specialties You Must Try in Ghent, Belgium |

When many people think of Belgian food, waffles, chocolate, fries and beer usually come to mind. And though you can find all of these throughout Belgium (and though they are really, really good), when visiting Ghent you shouldn’t miss out on trying some of Ghent’s specialties.

Here are 5 Ghent specialties you should try on your visit to Ghent, Belgium.

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Where to Find the Best Pain Au Chocolat in Paris

pain au chocolat_Gerard Mulot

I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic. It’s true, chocolate is my drug of choice. I (think) I need a daily dose of it to cure my sweet tooth and fuel my endorphines. If there is anything with chocolate on the menu, it’s a safe bet to assume that’s what I’ll be ordering. (How can you go wrong with chocolate, right?)

Needless to say, when it comes to croissants and breakfast pastries, I have a serious weakness for pain au chocolat. In case you’re not familiar, pain au chocolat is a French pastry made from a yeast-leavened dough (very similar to croissants) and contain one or two pieces of chocolate in the centre. When freshly made and still warm from the oven, they are heavenly.

During my time in Paris, I ate more than my fair share of pain au chocolat. Some were good, some could have been better, and some were so good they kept me coming back for more.

Here are my top 5 boulangeries where you can find the best pain au chocolat in Paris.

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Street Food Festival in Prague

Prague Street Food Festival |

This past Sunday, Prague held its 3rd edition of the Street Food Festival.  It was held at Vystaviste Trade Grounds, right next to the lovely Stromovka park. It was a really fun event to attend.  It was great to be among so many locals, try the different foods from so many local food vendors, and get a taste of the Czech culture (both literally and figuratively).

Scroll down for a taste of the Street Food Festival in Prague.

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Belgian Waffles: Brussels vs. Liege

Belgian Waffles: Brussels vs. Liege |

Did you know there are two different kinds of waffles made in Belgium? Me either!  When I arrived in Belgium I knew I was planning to eat my share of waffles while I was here, but I had no idea there would be so many choices to choose from.

You can choose to have your waffle topped with powdered sugar or brown sugar, topped with jam, topped with a variety of fruit compotes, topped with fresh berries, topped with whipped cream, drizzled with melted chocolate or caramel, with or without a scoop of ice cream … the list goes on.  You can even opt for a mix of 2 or 3 different toppings together.  Your choices are just about endless.

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