Ancient Roman Ruins in Paris – Arènes de Lutèce

Arenes de Lutece: Ancient Roman Ruins in Paris |

When ancient Roman ruins are mentioned, you probably think of Rome, Italy, and the Colosseum. But did you know Paris is also home to a Roman arena?

Arènes de Lutèce dates backs to the 1st century AD. It can be found in Paris’ Latin Quarter in the fifth arrondissement. But chances are, unless you’re looking for it, you’ll probably pass right by it.

Sounds crazy right? How could you NOT notice a large, old arena? Well, the main entrance is off Rue Monge, and it looks just like many other apartment courtyard entrances throughout the city.

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Dancing Along the Seine in Paris

Dancing Along the Seine in Paris |

Well, it happened. I fell in love.

I fell in love with Paris.

Shhh, don’t tell Italy.

Sure Paris is the City of Love and Lights. It has the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Musuem, wonderful gardens to relax in, baguettes and culinary delights around every corner, along with many, many other things to seduce you. Those have all been fun and great to flirt with, but dancing along the Seine won me over at first sight.

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An Inexpensive Date Night Down by the River in Rome

The other week we had a date night – dinner and a movie.  It wasn’t your typical dinner and a movie though because we were down by the Tevere river.  

We first stopped at il Bistrot del Guida Ballerino for a quick bite.  Guida Ballerino is a Michelin Star restaurant in Rome, but during the summer months of Lungo il Tevere they have set up a space along the river.  They have a restaurant side for guests to dine by the river with a more formal menu, and a takeout space for good food on the go. 

We had a movie to catch so we opted to grab something to go and still eat it outside along the river.  The takeout prices can absolutely not be beat!  Most of their options are €5.  You can choose from several seafood options like fried calamari or shrimp, a black angus hamburger, pasta and even a bean dish.  We opted for fried calamari and smoked salmon on a bagel. 

The calamari was fresh (we had to wait while they fried it, so it wasn’t sitting around under a heat lamp).  It was good, but nothing overly fancy – exactly how I expected it to be.  The smoked salmon on a bagel was the surprise.  It was really delicious!  It consisted of a fresh baked (and surprisingly soft) bagel, topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and arugula.  

After our yummy take away, we headed across the way to watch a movie sponsored by L’isola del Cinema – a summer long film festival featuring movies from all over the world.  They had a small theater set up with fold out seats, a large movie screen, air condition and thick black curtains along the wall to block out the light and sounds from the river just steps away from the theater.  Depending on the movie you choose to see (they usually have several playing each night), tickets range from €4-6.  On certain nights entrance is free, and on this night we lucked up with a free movie.  To check the movie schedule, visit the website of L’isola del Cinema.  

After the movie we walked along the river from above and took in all the sights of the bustling night life below.  

Quite a unique (and affordable) night out!  All the fun ends on September 1st when Lungo il Tevere closes at the end of the summer, so hurry by to grab a bite and check out one of the many movies.  

You can find both Giuda Ballerino and L’Isola del Cinema at Piazza San Bartolomeo All’Isola Sponde del Tevere – on the side of the river nearest to the hospital.  

You can also see a previous post of the other things offered along the river by clicking here.  

Down By the River in Rome

Want to know one of the best things about summer in Rome?  It’s Lungo il Tevere, the open restaurant, bar, shopping and music festival along Rome’s Tiber River.  It’s so nice to have so many entertainment options in one place.  Not to mention, it’s nice to be near to the calm, flowing waters of the river on a warm summer night.  If you’re looking for a romantic night out with your sweetie or for something the whole family will enjoy, the Lungo il Tevere is great for everyone!  

So what can you expect to find at Lungo il Tevere?  Just have a look at the photos below for an idea of all the fun you can experience.  If you’re interested in going while you’re in Rome, you have until September 2nd.  The fun starts to pick up when the sun starts going down.  Entrance is free, but if you would like to shop or have something to eat or drink, you will need to pay for your items.  

The venues along the river are getting set up for the evening before the sun starts to set.  

The sun is beginning to set, and patrons have already made their way down to the river for an enjoyable evening.  

There are plenty of little bars/pubs set up for you to relax and enjoy a cocktail.  

There is also a free basketball court and tennis court set up for you to play games.  (We’ve had a lot of fun with this!) 

There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from for riverside dining.  

You can also lounge along the river’s wall while you enjoy a cocktail or smoke from hookah.  

There is always fun musical acts performing, and it’s nice to sit out and enjoy the bands.  

You can also do a little shopping.  You can find art, clothes, jewelry, purses and many other items.  

You can also stop to challenge your friends in a game of foosball, or table football.  

Looking for a little more family fun?  You can play fair-style games to win prizes and stuffed animals.  (You will have to pay to play these games.)

As you can see, Lungo il Tevere is quite a popular place at night time.  

The venues extend down the river, and the lights they project are so pretty from the bridges above.  

Have you been to Lungo il Tevere?  What’s your favorite thing to do there?

Roman Romance

We took this photo several months back, but I came across it the other day and wanted to share it with all of you.  My husband actually snapped this photo.  We took an evening stroll down by the river near to Castel Sant’Angelo, and it was one of those perfect, magical Roman evenings.  The breeze was blowing, the water was passing by from the river below, a castle and an ancient city served as the backdrop, a saxophone played in the distance, a rainbow of colors filled the sky as the sun set and my sweet husband walked next to me as he held my hand … it was perfection!  Ahhh … the simple moments in life. 🙂  

How about you guys?  Do you have any unforgettable moments in Italy?

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